Did you know that on the CME floor you weren’t considered a trader until you had lost $1million in a day?

Thank you for visiting my blog. The time you spend here will be a good investment. I have been a professional floor trader, FSA registered execution broker and retail trader. I know things, which will save you time and money and perhaps most importantly save you from a world of pain.

You can read about my story here, but let me get to the point fast: my missions is to help you be happy. Trading is possibly the hardest job in the world (read here why). I have created this blog to help you with two important things: choosing a good broker and trading psychology.

I hope you will find useful info on my site. If you think I have or could add value to your trading I would love to hear from you. You can contact me here.

Good luck and good trading.

Chris, the happy trader 😀